Commercial Construction

Over recent years we have grown the Rizon business offering to encompass a substantial commercial arm. Now with a dedicated team of commercial focused construction professionals, we have the inhouse experience to confidently manage and conduct building works on minor to complex commercial projects.

Large and Complex Loss

Design and Construct

Renovations and refurbishment

Complex/ Large Loss Claims

Rizon are well resourced to respond to complex and large loss claims. Our approach is collaborative and strategic, leveraging intuitive technology, on-site specialist project management, and highly skilled tradespeople to efficiently complete quality repairs on large scale repairs.

We have earned a reputation for being people-focused, building strong relationships with insurers, loss adjusters, local authorities, and regulators across Australia on large, complex loss claims. Furthermore, we have major and complex claims supervisors stationed in every state, ensuring a prompt local response and access to expertise.

We have a dedicated Commercial Client Services team with experience using various client portals and platforms, with thorough knowledge of claims management, communication expectations, and customer service requirements. The Customer Service Consultants acts as customer advocates to ensure our operational and construction teams meet both the customer’s expectations and our own in relation to service and communication.


With the scale and volume of Strata projects on the rise, the need for innovative systems, services and qualified resources has become more crucial than ever. As a comprehensive service provider, we offer tailored project methodologies, all managed through our commercial services team.

Commercial Properties

Our commercial team consists of highly qualified estimators, project managers, contracts administrators and other experts in the commercial construction field. By managing our commercial projects separately, we ensure that the key aspects of each project are managed accordingly by the most qualified people, giving clients peace of mind that their asset/ business is in good hands and will be back up and running as soon as possible.

Farming, Rural & Remote Work

Rizon’s presence across the Eastern Seaboard allows us to respond to the rectification needs of individuals and businesses located in remote, rural, and dedicated farming regions. We have a solid network of workers on the ground across a number of regional hubs, as well a loyal network of subcontractors across QLD, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania to respond to the unique project needs of our more remote clients.

Catastrophe Response

Having attended to every major event in Queensland in the last decade, Rizon Catastrophe Response Capability allows us to quickly mobilize staff and implement the appropriate logistics to support our clients and community members 24/7. Rizon has specialist teams who understand the stress and impact a natural disaster can have on your life and we are here to guide you through the process.

Major Events
When a catastrophic or significant weather event occurs, it can be a stressful and traumatic period.Fortunately, Rizon’s catastrophe response team is adept at swiftly mobilizing to ensure we are providing efficient solutions for our clients. Our leading construction technology, health and safety processes, and compassionate Client Services Team work together to provide a reassuring presence during the most trying of times. We adopt an on-the-ground approach that is complemented by our vast network of tradespeople. As soon as it is deemed safe to begin repairs, our approach yields immediate results.

Emergency Assistance

We offer 24/7 support 365 days a year for commercial and residential emergencies. Our team have over 30 years’ experience in responding to all types of emergency situations and all types of damage – including events and catastrophes.

24-hour Make-Safe Services
Providing a 24 hour service to our customers and clients, Rizon are there when you need us most. We have immediate access to experienced emergency trades who will attend your property to mitigate immediate dangers prior to trained Rizon staff attending to assess the damage to your property.

We understand the unpredictable nature of an insurance claim requires a swift response any time, day or night. By responding to the initial event often results in a reduction to further property damage, increased customer satisfaction and an overall reduction in time and costs.

Behind the brand

Commercial Team

Mark Warner

General Manager Commercial

Jaco Botha

Queensland State Manager

Geoff Reid

New South Wales & ACT State Manager

Scott Leddie

Victoria / Tasmania State Manager

Marc Webb

Commercial and Complex Client Services Manager

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