Bardon Bowls Club Refurbishment

Rebuilding a Much-Loved Community Hub After Flood Event.

After the devastating Southeast Queensland flood event in early 2022, Rizon was engaged to rebuild a beloved local establishment – the Bardon Bowls Club. Within 24 hours of the flood water receding, our team commenced make-safe restoration works followed by demolition of the flood affected areas. The re-build included upgrades across the existing footprint, as well as flood mitigation initiatives to safeguard the building for the possibility of another flood due to its location. When works commenced, Rizon ensured the club could continue to serve community members by facilitating the setup of temporary facilities throughout the construction phase. In bringing this community destination back to life, Rizon’s Project Manager maintained regular consultation with the club’s committee members, ensuring all stakeholders were kept up to speed with the project milestones. The club has since re-opened to the local community, thanks to the tremendous efforts of the SEQ commercial team and all stakeholders involved.




10 months (design & build)


$1 Million

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