Roof Replacement



Casuarina Townhouse Complex

Re-Roof of a Coastal Townhouse Complex.

Rizon recently completed the repairs to this Townhouse complex in Casuarina. Huge storms across the East coast of Northern NSW caused extensive hail damage to the roofs throughout this complex, resulting in the insulated roof replacement of 32 units and a re-design of the external facades of the units. The main challenge presented in this project was conducting the repairs in a live environment. To overcome this challenge, the repairs process was divided into 5 stages to ensure minimal disturbance and disruption to the residents. Adapting and delivering to align with the wants and needs of our customers, forms the fundamental values of our business. Our customers are really everything. The newly installed solar skylights are a new key feature of the units, this innovative solution allows for convenient and energy efficient lighting with minimal maintenance. All 32 units have been completed to a high standard and the quality results speak for themselves.




10 months (design & build)


$1.7 Million

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