Residential Insurance Repairs

The Rizon brand has grown from our core services offering, which is Residential Insurance Repairs. We are the leading provider in the space across Australia, with the inhouse capability and nationwide resources to rebuild homes, rebuild communities and help rebuild family lives after disaster has struck.

Comprehensive and detailed assessments

Care and timely communication

Quality workmanship

Assessment and Reporting

Our experienced and qualified assessment team can assist with damage reporting, scope of works, hazard reports and site investigations. Rizon’s in-house Estimating resources are able to provide industry leading transparent scopes that highlight rooms, their dimensions, and a detailed line by line scope in repair order, all with supporting pictures. Our team are qualified across numerous trades which allows an insight into the best method of repair or replacement if that is required.

Home Repairs

Once we have established the extent of damage to your property, all repairs are managed by a qualified Supervisor through to completion of works. We have developed an experienced and knowledgeable network of professional trades who are committed to delivering a seamless repair service, no matter the extent of the damage. No job is too big, small or complex.

Catastrophe Response

Having attended to every major event in Queensland in the last decade, Rizon's Catastrophe Response Capability allows us to quickly mobilize staff and implement the appropriate logistics to support our clients and community members 24/7.Rizon has specialist teams who understand the stress and impact a natural disaster can have on your life, and we are here to guide you through the process.

Major Events
When a catastrophic or significant weather event occurs, it can be a stressful and traumatic period.Fortunately, Rizon’s catastrophe response team is adept at swiftly mobilizing to ensure we are providing efficient solutions for our clients. Our leading construction technology, health and safety processes, and compassionate Client Services Team work together to provide a reassuring presence during the most trying of times. We adopt an on-the-ground approach that is complemented by our vast network of tradespeople. As soon as it is deemed safe to begin repairs, our approach yields immediate results.

Emergency Assistance

We offer 24/7 support 365 days a year for commercial and residential emergencies. Our team have over 30 years’ experience in responding to all types of emergency situations and all types of damage – including events and catastrophes.

24-hour Make-Safe Services
Providing a 24 hour service to our customers and clients, Rizon are there when you need us most. We have immediate access to experienced emergency trades who will attend your property to mitigate immediate dangers prior to trained Rizon staff attending to assess the damage to your property.

We understand the unpredictable nature of an insurance claim requires a swift response any time, day or night. By responding to the initial event often results in a reduction to further property damage, increased customer satisfaction and an overall reduction in time and costs.

Behind the brand

Residential Team

Matthew Wilson

Director | General Manager Domestic

Lauren Moreland

Client Services Manager

Kirsty Robinson

Client Services Manager

Brendon Jones

Queensland State Manager

Mauro Farias

New South Wales State Manager

Peter Scash

Victoria State Manager

pay excess online

Rizon are making it easier for you.

If you are looking to make a claim, please visit our claims process page. We go in-depth about how it all works and provide you the ability to pay your excess online.


We have all the answers to your questions.

An Estimator has attended, what happens next?

We provide a detailed report on the damages due to the claimed event to your insurance company. Your insurance company reviews the documentation and makes a claim determination.

I have received a scope of works, what do I need to do with the documents?

The scope of works outlines the approved repairs to be completed. Please review the scope of works and sign the last page of the document and return it to the address provided. You will also need to pay your excess prior to works commencing, this can be paid by cheque, direct deposit with the details provided with the scope of works or by credit card on our website.

What if there is additional damage that has not been included on my scope of works?

Should you consider items have been excluded from the scope of works please note the items on the signed scope works when returning to Rizon. These additional items can be discussed with your Building Supervisor and if they are determined to be covered under your policy, we will provide your insurance company with a variation to have these works included.

Why do I need to pay my excess to Rizon rather than my insurance company?

We are often requested to collect the excess on behalf of your insurance company prior to works commencing. This is standard practice.

When will works commence at my property?

Once you have returned your signed scope of works and building contract (if applicable), and paid your excess, a Building Supervisor will be allocated to your job to commence the works. The Building Supervisor will be able to provide you with accurate repair timeframes and advise what trades will be attending site.

Repairs have commenced, who can I speak to regarding an update or issue?

Your Building Supervisor can be contacted directly to discuss the works. If you have misplaced the contact details please call the office on 1300 474 966. Please have your job reference number to assist us in accessing your claim details.

How do I pay my excess?

Please scroll up and click pay now.

Is Rizon a registered and qualified Builder?

Yes – Rizon is a registered domestic and commercial builder across all of Australia.

Why do I need to do maintenance work before my insurance repairs commence?

Often works must be carried out by the homeowner prior to our commencement to ensure there is not a reoccurrence of the damage. Maintenance is not usually covered under an insurance policy.

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