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Mentor, Grant Marshall, meets with students at NRL Cowboys House to share his story in the workforce

Our very own Grant Marshall spent time chatting with the Senior students residing at the NRL Cowboys House.  Grant shared stories about his experiences and struggles entering the workforce and what the boys could learn from his journey. 

Antonio Winterstein, who is employed as a Career Transitions Officer through the Cowboys House said that the afternoon was a huge success. “I’ve never seen so many boys stay back after a talk, ask questions & want that one-on-one chat with someone” he said.

“A lot of the boys come from very remote communities so to gain their trust in 45 minutes is really positive, Grant’s discussion obviously resonated with them.” said Mr Winterstein

Mr Winterstein's vision is to get Grant back to talk to all 54 students and some of the interested students at the Cowboys House Girls Campus wanting to enter a trade. 

Grant will continue to expand on the relationship he has built with the boys, visiting the House when he’s in Townsville & providing a contact for any further queries. This will ensure that the bond continues to grow, empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to pursue their passions.

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