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An Assessor has attended, what happens next?
Why do I need to pay my excess to Rizon Building rather than my insurance company?
Repairs have commenced, who can I speak to regarding an update or issue?
What if there is additional damage that has not been included on my scope of works?
I have received a scope of works, what do I need to do with the documents?
When will works commence at my property?
How long will the repairs take?
I have already had an assessor attend, why is someone contacting me to come and do another report?
What is an excess and why do I need to pay an excess?
How do I pay my excess?
Is Rizon a registered and qualified Builder?
A building contract has been forwarded to me, why do I need to sign a contract when the insurance company is paying for work?
Why do I need to do maintenance work before my insurance repairs commence and are we able to assist with these maintenance repairs?